The Young Pharaoh

January 6, 2010

Young Pharoah

The Young Pharaoh

(Colored Pencil on White Bristle Board)

In 1922, Archeologist Howard Carter discovered the treasures of  Egyptian Pharaoh King Tutankhamen.  Carter unlocked the secret revealing the breathtaking world of golden shrines and priceless artifacts untouched by man for nearly 3,300 years.  His ultimate find awaited him at the end of his journey when he uncovered the magnificent solid gold and bejeweled death mask of the young Pharaoh.  Few kings in the history of the world, however rich beyond imagination, ever possessed such a wonderful treasure. Edward has captured the glorious color and intricate detail of this stunning mask through the medium of colored pencil.  He combines the techniques of the Old Masters with this modern medium to create striking results.

The above text is an excerpt from a brochure that was created to help market 22”x30” limited edition prints of this remarkable drawing.

Always fascinated with the ornate image of the young Tutankhamen’s golden death mask, Ed originally created an impressive drawing that detailed the face (below).

He gave that drawing to his brother Steve.

Later, while dating his future wife, Jean, Ed told her about the drawing and she was very intrigued.   “I tell you what,” Ed said, “I’ll draw you one.”   He then set out to create a new drawing that would detail the entire mask.   The result is the above work of art.


Young Pharaoh - Original

The Original “Young Pharaoh

(Colored Pencil on White Paper)



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