Ed Prather

Ed in rural Pennsylvania, October 1987

Born in 1956 in Tioga, North Dakota, Ed Prather started drawing as soon as he could hold a pencil and developed an incredible attention to detail.  He was influenced by artists ranging from the Great Masters to the Hanna-Barbera animators and Marvel and DC comic book illustrators.

Over the years, he has created a massive collection of fine art, much of it in tribute to the television series and films he enjoyed growing up in the 1960s.  Making a living as a freelance artist most of his career, he has worked in many mediums, including pencil, airbrush and paint.  But his favorite medium has always been colored pencil.

I created this site as a dedication to Ed and his life as an artist.  He is my older brother and I’ve always looked up to him as both a mentor and best friend.  My purpose is simply to showcase some of the wonderful illustrations he has created over the years so that others may enjoy them as much as I have.


Steve Prather


11 Responses to “Ed’s Story”

  1. Jeff Kjellberg Says:

    Dear Ed,
    Wow, I was so moved as I viewed these great masterpieces you have created. You are a gift both in talent and presence. I have some great and fond memories of you in our college days, KTHI, your latenight alternative logo design (That needs to be on this site!!!) and the creating of “The Unknown Artist!” Your smile was always so infectious and brought with it amazing warmth. I can’t wait to see the new postings as they are created. Thanks for being such a wonderful presence in my life’s journey.

  2. Mary Warner Says:

    Wow! What a JOY that we can now see in ONE place Ed’s amazing works from his powerful gift of talent(!) Thank you for making this website available to us. Traveling around here and seeing Ed’s creations… along with his dazzling color choices…ALL brings a smile to my face. The inspirations that make his pencils move are truly fascinating and — fun! Some of Ed’s works bring me “back,” too. CARTOONS RULE.

    For him, his family and those who lovingly give him daily care…only my most heartfelt and sincere wishes & prayers for Ed’s journey and peace.

    THANK YOU, Ed. Your works are forever, magical and moving.

  3. Donna Prather Says:

    Hi Ed,

    It was really great being able to view all of your art. There is no question that you are very talented. I enjoyed seeing some of the art that I have seen before, but I really enjoyed viewing the art that I have never seen! You should be very proud of your accomplishments as you are able to put beauty onto a canvas! You a truly an individual with a rare talent!

    Your sister-in-law…Donna

  4. susan Says:

    Your art work is amazing. You are able to create such wonderful pieces.
    I hope you will be able to continue to express yourself though your art.
    It is a great gift you have.
    Steve, Thank you for creating this site for your brother.
    May God’s peace and love be with you all,

  5. Sharon Spinharney Says:

    Ed, I really enjoyed viewing your art. You have great talent. I know Jean and your children are very proud of you and the way you have used your gift of art to express beauty.

    God bless you.

    Sharon Spinharney

  6. Julie Haynes Says:

    Ed, My children and I loved your artwork! Each one is so remarkable! What a wonderful gift you have been given! Thanks for sharing it! God bless you and your beautiful family.
    Julie & kids

  7. Mike Jensen Says:

    I really enjoyed seeing and visiting with you a couple of weeks ago. I was amazed by the incredible art work hanging on your walls. Your talent is incredible. I was happy to hear you are back drawing again and will look forward to seeing your next creation! May God Bless You! Hope to see you again soon. Mike Jensen

  8. Kellie Prather Says:

    Hi Ed!

    I just looked at all of your artwork on this site, and I was extremely impressed. Your skills totally amaze me! Wow!!! Growing up, I knew you were a good artist, but I had no idea exactly how amazing you really were. Your work is so detailed and precise. When I thought of you and your work, I automatically thought of King Tut (because that is the first thing I ever saw). Now, I have a plethora of images to associate you with. You are very talented individual and I am very proud and honored to call you my uncle. 😀

    Thank you Steve for creating this website to showcase and share Ed’s brilliant work with us. 🙂


  9. Sharyn Resvick Says:

    Amazing works!
    I remember you and Steve drawing cartoons as young kids. You’ve come a long way since then. It was so good to see and visit with you today. I will always have such wonderful memories of our times together as kids out in ND.

  10. Carol Jessen-Klixbull Says:

    We really enjoyed your visit here the last couple of days! I was so happy to see you “at work” drawing figures in your sketchbook for upcoming art projects. I look forward to you sharing those on this web site in the near future!
    Lots of love and hugs—

  11. Jim Prather Says:

    Big Brother Ed,

    I have been a fan of your artistic talents for as long as I can remember. Your ability to conceptualize images and illustrate them is truly remarkable. Through the years I have enjoyed seeing how happy you are when you are working with your skills. It’s also fun to see how you light up with so much energy, joy and excitement when you are sharing details of past and future projects. Keep expanding on your website gallery because you know the best is yet to come!

    I am proud of you Ed!


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