15 Responses to “Guestbook”

  1. Nancy Says:

    I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you, but through word of mouth I was directed to your website. (You are so lucky to have such a dedicated, loving brother! I know he is appreciated by all for creating this website for you. You must have been an amazing big brother!) My first reaction to your work can only be described as astonishment. I am stunned. Your work is truly amazing! I’d love to find out about specifics, like, where did you study? What techniques are your favorites, etc. But I think I will speak most about the spirit that is in your work.

    I can’t help but notice the influence of science fiction on so many of your pieces. I am a scientist who trusts in God’s love. Somehow you have captured both in your drawings. They invoke awe, wonder and yet possess a powerful sense of peace and beauty. I long for the day when science and religion can come together to support the Divine presence … in doing so we will wash so many of life’s fears away. (It’s only a matter of time.) Your work is truly inspiring and anyone who can bring this depth of beauty, imagination, and brilliance into this world clearly has been touched by God. Thank you for capturing my 2 most favorite subjects (sprit and space) in picture.

    May you find peace and the self love you are seeking during this difficult time. I’m sure that is what God wants most of all for you. I trust that with your faith, family and friends you will find the strength and healing you need. Please remember God only puts upon us what which he knows we can handle, AND God is merciful and loving, not punishing nor vengeful. Only people take on those harsh judgmental tasks. I know this with all my being.
    I also pray that you will find relief from your disease such that you will be able to continue with your God given talent once again. But for now, know this Gallery allows your gifts to continue to live on and inspire.

    Thank you for sharing your talents.

    Nancy Hall

  2. Jean Prather Says:

    Dear Eddie, I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you and that I love you! Steve did such a great job in showcasing your wonderful art and I know how much your brothers, sister and Mom Orpha love you too! You are so talented, humble and I see how God continues to use you to touch many hearts. Emmy, Nick and Liz are so blessed to have such a great Dad. Again, WE SURE LOVE YOU! 🙂 Jean PS: I knew we’d find the missing Star Wars illustrations! No worries…

  3. Brian & Lisa St. Martin Says:

    What wonderful artwork you have created! We have enjoyed all of your pieces and are quite impressed. Lisa and I especially liked your portraits of Jesus. Our oldest son Matthew (11) really liked the Star Wars work. Thank you for allowing your brother to share these magnificant illustrations. I hope to meet you soon.

    Brian St. Martin

  4. Beautiful drawing Ed!
    Merry Christmas!
    Nicole Pierskalla

  5. Cory & Ana Grace Plotts Says:


    Wow … what wonderful artwork! We had no idea how talented you are. It is so great that your brother set this site up for you.

    Looking forward to more.

    The Plotts Family
    Cory, Ana Grace
    Mary Ana, Grace Marie, Maria Jose, Joseph

    We pray for you often!

  6. Kara Says:

    WOW, your art work is amazing and carries such beauty and depth with it!! Thank you so much for allowing us to view it as well! Eddie, we haven’t met yet, but I hope to meet you some day soon. You have a beautiful family, and they love you very much. Thank you for sharing your talents with us! God Bless you!

    Jeremy & Kara Miller

  7. Elizabeth Says:

    Dear Ed, your artwork is simply amazing. Some made me laugh, some brought back fond memories, (especially the Star Wars pieces), and others brought a tear to my eye, especially the portrait of Jesus on the Cross. It is very good that your work is made available to us through the internet.

    You and your dear family remain in our prayers.

    Elizabeth Shaw

  8. Dennis & Fran Says:

    We just wanted to say publically what we feel about you as our son-in-law. We are proud of you as an artist, husband and father.
    Your artistic work is the best and we have always enjoyed the variety of your many talents. However, we most appreciate your faith in our Lord and how you serve Him as a good husband and father to our very special grandchildren.
    We love you, Eddie, and send our congratulations and many thenks to Steve for creating this very special website.
    Love, Dennis & Fran

  9. Matthew Smith Says:

    My mother showed me some of your pictures. I thought the star wars ones were pretty cool especially the one titled X-wing Chase. Thanks for putting these up.
    -Matthew Smith

  10. Mary Pat Litwin Says:

    Today I looked through all of your outstanding artwork that is displayed on this Web Gallery. Wow! What fun that was to see all of the different styles of work you can create. You are so very talented and gifted. God has given you a very keen eye and creative ability. I can truly appreciate your gifts because I am just the opposite – I can hardly draw at all. Pretty much just stick figures for me.
    Ed and Steve, thank you for sharing all of this incredible work. It is so gratifying to see!

    Mary Pat Litwin (Holy Family parishioner)

  11. Rick Pomeroy Says:

    Dear Ed and Jean,

    It’s been a very long time since we’ve seen you. I just wanted to say Hi, from Linda and I. We live in Anoka, Mn now. Linda and our daughter Andrea own a Tea Room and gift shop there. Our son Ryan is married and have two wonderful boys for us to spoil. Your name came up in a conversation with Jim and Jerri Rosemeyer and I thought I would look you up. Great web-site. Linda and I still proudly display the Jesus and Mary and child pictures you did for us years ago in our new home. Hope all is well. God bless and love.

    Rick Pomeroy

  12. Cisco Says:


    You were a great college roommate! I learned to love the group Chicago because of you. Your art was always beautiful and still is. Keep up the good work. You have a gift for the world to enjoy.


  13. Linda Meyer Says:

    Hello Ed,
    Although I’ve known you and your family for years and I’ve always know you were an unbelievable artist-words are hard to describe how amazing your masterpieces have moved me. I spoke to your Mom this past week and of course she raved about your website. You are very lucky to have such a great brother in Steve as he is to have you. I am truly sorry to hear about your illness. Actually I decided years ago that a disability is only a difference and everyone has them. Please keep creating these wonderful works of art and know that you are in my prayers.

    Linda Meyer

  14. Linda Fahnlander Says:

    Hi, Eddie! We played piano at Gianna Homes this past week and missed seeing you there. 🙂 We hope you are well! We have fond memories with you and miss your smile and gentle manner. May God bless you!
    The Fahnlander Clan

  15. Kevin Prather Says:

    Ed, this is your cousin, Kevin from San Antonio. My wife found your page. I’ve actually tried to find you and my Prather cousins on Facebook but haven’t had luck. I don’t know if you remember your father stayed with us in Wisconsin when he and your mom visited us. That was some time back, about a year after my dad passed away. We were blessed to have wonderful men as fathers. I pray we get to see each other again on this side of eternity. I enjoyed looking at all of the art! What a gift! You would be blessed to know my daughter (16) is an artist as well. She goes to an arts magnet school and is quite accomplished. Art runs through her veins. God bless you. I hope we see you all again!

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